I knew I'm gonna love it from the first glance

When I ordered my first pair of Gorgeous Jeweled Shoes Pasha I was expecting much but not AS MUCH as I received 😍 When the parcel came I knew I'm gonna love it from the first glance on the box, cause it was a Treasure Box! Inside I found a pair of flat shoes that in real life looked even better than on the picture!  Designed to be flashy just as much as I like it - these shoes became my perfect solution for many different outfits! Cause I am pretty tall and I'm an always tired horse rider - I don't want to be wearing high heels whenever I dress up. Now when I wear comfy, well fit shiny Pasha shoes I get even more attention than a good pair of heels would get me ;) And another sweet thoughtfulness that I want to thank Pasha Shoes for is a pretty clear fabric shoe bag that came with them. I travel a lot and it's nice to have little details like this. Looking forward for my second pair now :)



Warmest Regards,