About Pasha

Dear Visitors and Buyers, Connoisseurs of Fine and Beauty,

Thank you for your decision to come in here. If you are interested in the story behind creation of such amazing shoes, the story is as beautiful as the shoes themselves, here it is. Briefly.

Pasha, as a brand and product, was born in 2010. This is a family business founded by Peter & Namrata Mirpuri.

Peter Mirpuri is a businessman of Indian origin, born in Hong Kong, where he lived practically all his life. From the early childhood, he had to help his father in their family business. And because of that, he could not even go to university. However, that experience that he received in real business, cannot be learned in any school…

During his work with his father (fashion clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.) Peter travelled half the planet, concluded contracts, arranged deliveries, shipped products. When his father retired, Peter took full responsibility for the company and business.

Peter`s wife, Namrata Mirpuri, was born in Sri Lanka (this is a country on the island by India), but she grew up and studied literally on the other side of the planet – in Peru (That is a country in South America – we are sorry for these geographical clarifications but we are selling globally and some of our customers may have missed one or two geography lessons when in high school…). In one of her business trips, Namrata met Peter. Soon, they got married and decided to live in Hong Kong.

Wait, it was just a prologue. Here is the beginning of the story, keep on reading…

Namrata, a striking woman, had always loved jewelry. Many know, this happens to us girls without any warning or particular reason. That was her passion. Already in Hong Kong, she graduated from local university and became a certified gemologist (gemstone expert) specializing in diamonds.

In fact, the whole idea of production of jewelry shoes belongs to Namrata. When travelling with Peter on business, she could not help but notice that even in warm resort places women loved to wear their jewelry. Along with comfortable for such climate but rather ordinary flip flops… So, one beautiful day in Capri, Italy, she saw it in her mind – a resort shoe collection with decent gemstones to complete the ensemble and let women to look brilliantly from head to toe, both in the true and figurative sense…

The idea was enthusiastically supported by the husband (it`s true, we swear!). And the responsibilities divided by themselves: Peter was to organize the production and Namrata – put together and lead the designers team. They decided to promote the new product together by showing it at the most prestigious expos on the planet.

The next important question was how to name the future product. However, the answer was obvious: Pasha is the name of a young beauty, Peter and Namrata`s daughter…

Organizing the production… For anyone living in Hong Kong, one of the world`s centers of business, it would be just natural to use the huge potential of shoe factories in China. But Peter did not want to do that. He was well aware of Chinese enterprises ability to produce perfect serial products. But he needed a different type of production. Not just workers fulfilling their norms but people with the artistic approach and vision that would create every pair of shoes with love and passion – this is all manual work, after all.

Peter had a very good knowledge of Pacific Ocean region, thanks to his work and travel while in family`s business. Still, he spent almost 8 months trying to find the people and place he needed for this production. And finally, success. Indonesia. Dutch East Indies as the place used to be called. He found a small shoe factory in a small Indonesian town by a large seaport on Java island, about 5 hours flight from his headquarter in Hong Kong. He bought out the factory, brought in all new equipment, contracted the best experts, trained and upgraded personnel, increased salaries… Now, this small enterprise, with only 200 people, is a dream come true for those employed and a dream for others living in that small Indonesian town.

His choice, Peter explained simply, is all about Indonesians. They are the type of people that can fulfill monotonous and precise work, like, for instance sewing on hundreds and thousands of crystals to leather, hour after hour all day long without any fatigue and with equal attention. At the same time, they are very meticulous to details and the shoes they produce. Because they love nice things, live by fantastic turquoise ocean and are famous for their nation`s arts and crafts. They are patient, responsible and creative people.

There was no goal like creating some sort of a mass production. After all, this is jewelry shoes, piece by piece work – there cannot be a lot of the same models, nothing worse than seeing someone in your shoes at a party… Such chances have to be minimized. No, excluded.

It was decided from the very beginning to use only the best available materials. After months of choosing among suppliers, lots of business trips, tests, evaluations, agreements, the factory began receiving the best sorts of leather.

There were a lot of disputes about which crystals to be used in this new product. The standard crystals produced in China or Korea was excluded right away – those are for mass production only, not suitable for Namrata`s special designs. Famous Austrian Swarovsky might suit the purpose. They were pricey but that would not stop Peter. However, he was lucky (or maybe he was just working hard and rewarded…) – to find Preciosa crystals. This is a worldwide known crystal manufacturer from Bohemia (Czech Republic, that is in Central Europe). The producer of the famous Bohemia crystal for decades.

It turned out, Preciosa crystals do not yield to Swarowski in any way (the quality of crystals mostly determined by their cut, clarity and sparks, pretty much like diamonds). And at the same time they might even have some technological advantages. So, since then all crystals are flown to the factory in Indonesia literally from the other side of the world.

That was about standard sized crystals. Larger ones, however, they had to look for among professional cutters in the area of the Indian ocean. Now the factory receives different crystals and stones from more than 50 of the best suppliers.

And as far as Mother of Pearl goes, it was decided to take them right there, from those crystal clear waters of the Indian ocean. Local snorkelers dive for them and they are worked on directly at the factory.

This careful selection of suppliers and materials paid back: the shoes turned out to be fantastically beautiful from the very beginning. They sparkle and shimmer the way any real jewelry does, both in broad daylight and in the night, as long as a single ray of light touches them.

However, that was not all for Namrata. Next, a unique golden shoe treasure box appeared with those metal polished corners, metal handles and golden letters “Pasha. Jewelry For Your Feet”. What else would you create to keep your jewelry in…? And even more: the box is collapsible, the sides are interlocked with the integrated the press-buttons. This way, you can take your favorite bejeweled pair of shoes on your trip in the box, without being afraid of rumpling it and then simply dismantle the box to a flat condition and put it somewhere until it is needed again.

Plus, there is a nice pouch inside the box made out of golden organza with golden “Pasha – Jewelry For Your Feet” logo on it.

During the first 4 years, Namrata managed to create and Peter to produce – pay attention now – more than 520 different models of bejeweled shoes! Now, there are 150 models in current production. However, every one of the previous designs can be repeated.

Pasha now – This is the one and only manufacturer of unique bejeweled shoes with a head office in Hong Kong, a factory in Indonesia and a supply to the world.

Peter and Namrata present new designs, by themselves, at the best fashion and shoe expos in the world: Paris, Dusseldorf, Las Vegas, Miami, London, New York, Abu Dhabi, etc. The company`s plans include increasing the number of models, creating new collections, including kids shoes, and possibly, limited edition – very limited series with real diamonds, emeralds…

This site is intended to give you some understanding about all the beauty of this fantastic, incredible product. However, even our photo and video equipment was not able to reflect all of that. You have to see it yourself. Even better – to wear.